A Welcome

Watershed’96 is about

  • exploring creativity
  • connecting with like minds

The site is new in November 2010, and I invite you to add your comments.

8 responses to “A Welcome

  1. Works for me the way it is, actually: not ‘in your face’ but definitely clear. I’m ready to say ‘you’ve done it, Laura’, but if you want to play with it a bit more, bring it on!!

  2. Hi Peter,
    That looks so much better, even the black line is good. The smaller banner could use a bolder font, what do you think?
    Talk soon,

  3. We could perhaps reduce the size of the two Ws. They are a bit in your face right now. And what is causing the black frameline at the top?
    Is that something you can control? I don’t think it should be there. Lids off!

    • Thanks for the quick comments. I will look at the template (one of many offered at WordPress) to see if I can get rid of that line a the top – there is a capacity to modify templates, but it may be Greek to me … . Yes, let’s shrink the W’s, I agree that they are rather strong. I also just realized the ‘ is missing in front of the 96: Watershed ’96 as on the card. Cheers, Peter

  4. looks wonderful, the hard work has paid off

  5. Hi Peter,
    Fun isn’t it! I think the whole banner would benefit from the tip of the mountain not being cut off.

    • Yup, fun but very time-consuming at the ‘front end’ to get it loaded. I’m still experimenting with three views for the photos: slideshow, gallery, or full-size insert on the page.
      Yes, I agree about the banner, which has very precise proportion requirements to be used: 940 x 148. What is needed is a version with the text higher up and perhaps smaller so that the reflected ‘W’ shows more …. but that’s beyond me. Write off-line if you’re interested.

  6. salina Szechtman

    Very nice….keep up the work

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